When a Change in Season Means a Different Type of Guest

With four hotels at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and one near LaGuardia Airport, M&R Hotel Management knows that Labor Day marks a sea change in guests. Leisure travelers, including families who filled our rooms throughout the summer, will give way to returning business travelers.

Even veteran staff members need a few days to adjust. The “road warrior” business travelers who fly on a regular basis and often stay in our hotels know their way around and have their regular routine. Plus they tend to be traveling on expense account.

Summer leisure travelers, by contrast, likely have less experience around airport hotels. They need to be reminded of the shuttle van schedule and hours for our complimentary breakfast. Those traveling with very young children may need to be reminded not to forget their diaper bags and strollers.

With no expense account, summer travelers pay for everything out of their own pockets, which can make them very cost-conscious. Our select-service hotels are popular with families because we provide so many complimentary amenities including Wi-Fi, breakfast, shuttle service and overnight parking.

We train our staff to provide the very best service to business travelers and families alike, including those whojust need some extra TLC. We are particularly solicitous of non-English speaking guests who need assistance confirming or changing flights. Many of our staff members are multilingual, which helps. Likewise, parents may need help filling a baby bottle with milk or finding the right cereal for a picky eater.

Not every request can be met. Glenda Gomez, general manager of the Holiday Inn Express LaGuardia Airport, related the story of a family who decided at the last minute to request a rollaway bed for one of their three children. Unfortunately, their room was too small to allow a rollaway bed, according to the fire code. So Glenda brought extra pillows and blankets, and the child squeezed into the bed with her sisters. All was well.

Such service cuts to the heart of what hospitality is about.

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