Putting Teamwork to the Test

Maintaining employee rapport is critical to any hotel’s success. Employees rely on each other in countless ways, everyday, to ensure their hotels function smoothly. We, consequently, place a high value on encouraging and rewarding effective teamwork.

As a company that manages multiple hotels, we occasionally take teamwork to an even higher level, asking staff members to step out of their routines and pitch in temporarily at our other properties.

Just such a situation arose in September when the general manager of our Holiday Inn Express JFK Airport left unexpectedly. General managers at two of our other hotels agreed to provide managerial oversight of the Holiday Inn Express JFK Airport while still fulfilling their regular duties.

Glenda Gomez of the Holiday Inn Express LaGuardia Airport and Juan Soto of the Comfort Inn Midtown West each worked two or three days a week at the Holiday Inn Express JFK Airport. The arrangement worked well by fulfilling our obligations to both hotel guests and staff.

This arrangement provided us needed breathing room and time to conduct a proper search for a replacement general manager. The Holiday Inn Express JFK Airport, left in capable hands, operated without interruption. As a bonus, Glenda and Juan each brought a fresh perspective to our operations there.

Equally important, Glenda and Juan both found the experience beneficial professionally. While Glenda was already experienced in managing an airport hotel, Juan saw first hand how dramatically demand can fluctuate, given changing weather conditions that affect airline scheduling.

Similarly, Juan had an opportunity to experience the Holiday Inn Express brand standards and weigh how they differ from the Comfort Inn standards.

We thank Glenda and Juan both for going the extra mile on the company’s behalf. They embody the spirit of teamwork at its best.

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