The Challenge of Managing the Peak Hours of the Day

Ask our hotel general managers what time of day they find most stressful — the window of time when the most demands are made on associates —they almost always say, “the first thing in the morning, 7 to 9 a.m.”

front desk attendant writing on card

Certainly, hotels are 24-hour-a-day operations, and something important needs attention at every hour.

But many guests typically check out the first thing in the morning, either to hit the road early or to find their way to the airport for the flight home. This flurry of activity keeps our front desk staff busy settling guest bills.

Business travelers staying for another night may be heading to early business appointments and require help with directions or hailing a taxi.

Then there are a number of early arrivals, incoming guests — perhaps arriving from an international flight — hoping their guest room might be ready, despite the official check-in time is hours away.

Compounding the challenge, more than half of our hotels offer complimentary breakfast. As a result, the lobbies and breakfast areas of these hotels are busy during the 7-to-9 a.m. period.

Lastly, many leisure and student groups book our hotels. What time do these groups of 20 to 30 guests mass in our lobbies, ready for breakfast and to begin their day of sightseeing? The two hours between 7 and 9 a.m.!

Fortunately, our teams are trained to deal with these peak demand situations and are adept at providing first-class guest service.

We it call “hands-on hospitality,” where every guest’s needs are seen to in a timely, friendly and professional manner … all in a day’s work.


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