The Manager as Mentor

front desk and waiting area at Holiday Inn L.I. City – Manhattan View
Holiday Inn L.I. City – Manhattan View

Hand in hand with promoting from within, M&R Hotel Management has always viewed mentoring as a valuable human resources strategy. Accordingly, we encourage our general managers to mentor associates reporting to them whenever it makes sense and feels right. I say “encourage” as opposed to “require” because, like many such interactions, people approach things differently and it can be hard to mandate these kinds of relationships.

When it’s a good fit between manager and associate, however, informal mentoring can be highly beneficial. It works as both a training and career development tool. Typically on property, for example, department managers aspire to one day be general manager. The GM, after all, is captain of the ship, responsible for daily operations, reporting to the management company or the hotel owner.

Given their greater experience, GMs lead by example. They can easily instruct a staff member in the fine points of the business, recommending options and offering advice on improving guest service and other aspects of operations. They’re well versed in best practices.

Glenda Gomez, GM of one of our Holiday Inn Express hotels, notes there’s another dimension to mentoring. As they plan their careers, ambitious associates may want to apply for more responsible positions, but they likely lack the necessary experience to qualify. Indeed, they may not even know what the job fully entails. Glenda will point them in the right direction and give them the opportunity to add skills to their resume so that when the time comes, they have a better chance at succeeding.

At the end of the day, mentoring is a win-win for all involved. Associates learn and advance, GMs have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve helped those coming up in the business and M&R has a more motivated and engaged workforce welcoming guests.

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