In the Hotel Business, Renovations are a PIP

An unavoidable fact of life in the hotel business is the property improvement plan, popularly known by the acronym, PIP. While PIPs require a significant investment on the part of the hotel owner and careful planning and implementation by the management company, they’re well worth the effort.

new mattresses piled up outside the the Holiday Inn New York City - Times Square

Holiday Inn New York City – Times Square, Summer 2015

Brands require that a PIP be undertaken for one of two reasons: when a hotel changes ownership or after a number of years of operation. M&R Hotel Management’s Best Western JFK Airport Hotel, for example, is currently in the midst of a PIP, following a number of years of service.

A PIP is the brand’s way of ensuring that a hotel’s appearance is appealing and that its back-of-house systems are up-to-date. Further, it’s a brand’s way of ensuring a hotel’s design and amenities are current with all the latest brand standards and, by extension, more or less consistent with other hotels carrying that brand flag. Brands need to meet guest expectations across the entire chain.

Typically, hotels remain open while PIPs are completed. With the hotel doors open, there’s a greater obligation on the hotel staff, starting with the general manager, to ensure guest disruption is kept to a minimum.

new mattresses being taken into the Holiday Inn New York City – Times Square

Holiday Inn New York City – Times Square, Summer 2015

Work usually is kept to a single floor at a time and conducted during hours when guests most likely are out of the building. On check-in, front desk agents alert guests to the situation, describe the nature of the work and thank them in advance for their cooperation.

Frequent travelers know that at the end of the day, hotel improvements mean their future stays will be more comfortable.


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