A Good Night’s Sleep is a Core Proposition of Hospitality

soft and firm guest bedroom pillows

Quality sleep is at the core of every hotel’s pledge to consumers. Whether the hotel is full-service, midscale or economy, the idea of a good night’s sleep focuses on the quality of the mattress and other bedding, including − of course − clean, freshly laundered linen.

In recent years, however, hotel brands − always on the lookout for ways to gain a competitive advantage − have expanded on the idea of a “good night’s sleep” to include a host of other elements.

Noise, for example, can be a major disturbance. Double-glazed windows can block out street noise. So can reminding the housekeeping team to avoid disturbing guests who sleep in late and leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door.

Similarly, when a hotel is undergoing renovations, operators are careful to require that work crews mask their drilling and hammering until late enough in the morning midweek (and not at all on weekends) to ensure guests’ sleep isn’t disturbed.

Drapes or blinds sufficiently opaque to keep out harsh morning light are helpful. So, too, is a quiet-as-a-mouse, in-room air conditioner, meaning one whose filters are cleaned regularly.

M&R Hotel Management is a proponent of all these measures. We consider providing them to be part of our philosophy of “hands-on hospitality.” Many of our hotels are Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express brands, which recently introduced a “Winning with Sleep” initiative.

A well-rested guest, after all, is likely to be a satisfied guest, and a satisfied guest is most likely to be a return guest.


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