Summertime, or the Special Challenge of Leisure Travelers

taxi cabs at intersection in NYC

Our New York hotels see a mix of business and leisure travelers throughout the year. During the summer months, however, the ratio changes, spiking with leisure guests, including families with children.

Business travelers, as a rule, tend to leave the hotel promptly in the morning and be gone the whole day, attending meetings or calling on clients. Many are repeat guests at the hotel and are comfortable navigating the city. By contrast, many leisure travelers come and go from the hotel during the day, in some cases repeatedly. Whether they’re sightseeing, shopping or visiting friends, they view the hotel as home base.

Consequently, these leisure guests can present more of a challenge operationally. They may be hanging out in the lobby, while new guests are arriving to check in. They may ask directions or have other questions for the front desk team. Or they may be freshening up in their guest room, when housekeepers are looking to gain entry to make up the room.

We train our associates to be flexible, patient and accommodating to our summer leisure guests. A friendly, helpful attitude is at the core of our approach to hospitality. Whether a guest is with us for business or in the city to see the sights, whether it’s a one-night stay or a week-long visit, it’s our job to make that guest’s experience as rewarding as we can.

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